If there’s one thing no Kings Tourer roof top tent review complains about, it’s the setup. Unlike most softshell RTTs, this model goes from travel to camping mode in under two minutes. There’s nothing complicated about unlatching the two clamps and pushing the lid up while pulling the bungee cord down. After that, your tent is ready for the night, though you can spend a few more minutes fussing with window flaps and side awnings. The pack-up is as easy as installation, though you need to be careful when gathering the canvas walls inside the cover. Otherwise, the clamps won’t latch, and your bedding can get wet and dirty in transit.

The mounting kit comes with the RTT, and you’d better follow the Kings Tourer roof top tent instructions manual to find the most comfortable and secure way to mount the tent on your 4x4. And don’t forget to call a couple of mates to help you with the weight.

Here’s a quick video overview of the setup and pack-up instructions.

Size & Weight

For a clamshell RTT, Kings Tourer roof top tent dimensions are impressive, with a footprint of 147.6 cm by 235.5 cm and a roomy height of 170 cm for sitting comfortably. The dimensions stay the same in travel mode, though the height is only 29.5 cm, perfect for minimizing drag and fuel consumption. Besides, once the tent is closed, the shell has 13 cm of free space inside, enough for storing your bedding and some camping gear.

Adventure Kings Tourer roof top tent is far from lightweight at 93.5 kilos, though the number includes the telescopic ladder and the high-density foam mattress. So before you go shopping for an RTT, make sure your 4WD can handle the roof load.

Grand Tourer MKII

Grand Tourer MKII
Size (close/open), cm size 29.5 x 147.6 x 235.5
170 x 147.6 x 235.5
Capacity, people capacity, people 2
Weight, kg weight 93.5 kg
Cover Convenience cover convenience 9/10
Durability durability 8/10
Ease of Installation ease of installation 7/10
Delivery set delivery set Mattress, telescopic ladder


Considering the affordable price tag, you’d never guess that Kings Grand Tourer is mostly made of sturdy materials, like aircraft-grade aluminium alloy and stainless steel. However, the heavy-duty parts could use extra work. For one, early-version gas struts tended to lose their power after a few months of regular use. Luckily, the latest model comes with an additional support pole that helps alleviate the load.

The side and back walls are made of sturdy 320 GSM ripstop canvas that keeps the elements out. And the internal netting is made of fine enough mesh to keep the critters out without messing with the airflow.


The Kings Tourer roof top tent is a true all-season solution. The flooring and roof cover are both insulated and finished with a plush carpet. This setup keeps the temperature comfortable throughout the scorching summer days and frigid winter nights. Still, keep an eye out for the roof liner, as it may go down at the worst possible moment. The second iteration of the tent seems to use another glue with a better hold, so hopefully, you won’t run into this issue.

The latest version of the tent is also equipped with a rubber seal along the front section that connects the cover to the bottom of the RTT. It’s designed to prevent water and dust from getting into the tent in transit mode. It seems to work fine, though we recommend you check the seal once in a while to make sure it doesn’t come undone.


One of the best things about the Adventure Kings Tourer roof top tent is the brand’s devotion to outbackers’ needs. The basic setup includes so many cool features, you won’t even consider buying extra accessories. A couple of our favorites include:

  • Huge windows on all three sides. The air circulation is unbeatable for a hardshell RTT, and if you keep the flaps cracked, you can forget about condensation.
  • Large wrap-around awning. It may be a bit loud in the wind, but it protects the windows from sun and rain so that you can keep the view and ventilation. You can also roll up the awning and strap it in place when it’s unnecessary.
  • Extra-thick foam mattress. The high-density 75 mm mattress is perfect for back and side sleepers, though you can add a topper to make it softer.
  • Smart storage solutions. There are internal pockets to store your knick-knacks on both sides of the tent, and the cover can double as a solar panel rack. You can even run a 12V line through the zippered pocket.

If these are not enough for you, Adventure Kings have dozens of offers to spruce up the RTT. The most useful accessories we’ve found are the ladder extension and the annex. The 2.4-meter ladder fits most 4x4s, but if you can’t latch it on, consider an extension. And with an annex, you can double the sleeping area for family camping trips.


The Kings Grand Tourer roof top tent is not perfect, with a fair share of weatherproofing and durability problems. Still, you won’t find a better offer for under $2,500. The tent is huge, easy to set up, and comfortable with ample ventilation and storage space. Besides, Adventure Kings are well-known for their dedication to customer satisfaction. Even if you run into any issues with this RTT, reach out to them, and the company will provide a replacement part or offer a newer version of the tent. You can’t beat that sort of a deal!