For easy installation, the Camp King roof top tent comes with two underbody rails, two extra supporting rails, and four brackets with predrilled holes. With the mounting kit you get out of the box, it takes no time to set up the tent on the flatbed or a pair of cross rails. Make sure to check the roof’s weight capacity and call up a couple of buddies to help you get the RTT situated just right.

And you don’t need a manual to unpack the tent once you reach your campsite. Start by unlocking the two latches at the back of the RTT and push the lid up. The struts will get it into position with no input from you. Instead, extend the ladder and hook it onto the tent. And use the four Supapeg poles to hold up the large awning over the door. You can set them in place from the ladder, but we found it much more comfortable to get the awning up while sitting inside the tent.

As you can imagine, the pack-up instructions are much the same, in reverse order. All you need to do is take out the awning poles, lift the bungee cord to keep the canvas under control, and gently lower the lid. As long as you’re careful and gather all the fabric inside, the top cover should close smoothly and let you fix the latches.

Size & Weight

The Camp King roof top tent doesn’t have the largest footprint. In travel mode, the RTT’s dimensions are 230 cm by 145 cm with a height of only 25 cm. After you set up the tent, its internal space is a bit more impressive, with a maximum height of 174 cm and a sleeping space of 217 cm by 132 cm. The mattress is a bit smaller than a traditional queen bed, so it’s only suitable for two adults or a couple with a small child. And if you go offroading on your own, you will surely feel like royalty on a mattress that large.

Being a hardshell tent, Camp King RTT is on the heavy side. The full setup is around 90 kg (198 lbs), making it one of the heaviest options on the market. Still, it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re sure the roof of your 4x4 can handle the load.

Camp King RTT

Camp King RTT
Size (close/open), cm size 2300L X 1450W X 2500H
2170L x 1320W x1740H
Capacity, people capacity, people 2
Weight, kg weight 90 kg
Cover Convenience cover convenience 9/10
Durability durability 8/10
Ease of Installation ease of installation 8/10
Delivery set delivery set Internal lining, 6x internal storage pouches, extendable aluminum ladder, 2x Australian made Supa-peg poles


The use of premium material in everything from the frame to accessories sets Camp King roof top tent apart from the competition. Instead of relying on cheap, threadbare fabric, the company uses 275 gsm polycotton canvas by Wax Convertor Textiles that’s dynaproofed to retain natural breathability and make the tent waterproof.

The one-piece roof of the Camp King Industries roof top tent is made of 2mm 5005 grade Aluminium with rivets for increasing strength and providing mounting capabilities for rails and accessories. The telescopic ladder is made of aluminum too, and it’s super-long at 2.6 meters.

And the standard mattress is 75 mm thick and made of high-density memory foam, so it’s great for both side and back sleepers. There’s even an option to upgrade it to an extra-long version (220 cm long) for an extra $140.


According to the official website, the Camp King RTT has been tested across five continents. The tent held strong against wind, rain, snow, and scorching sun. While it may not be the best choice for winter camping, it will certainly hold more heat than a softshell setup or a traditional camping tent. Not only is the top cover insulated, but the whole tent is also lined with soft speaker carpet for extra protection from the elements.

In travel mode, the two halves of the RTT connect with a rubber seal and are held together with two clamps, ensuring no dust or water gets through to your tent or bedding. Since we’ve found no complaints, we’re guessing Camp King tent is as waterproof as advertised.


Every tiny detail of the Camp King roof top tent’s design is created with your comfort in mind. For instance, you get excellent air circulation and minimal condensation thanks to three huge openings (both side windows are 150 cm wide!). And the awning above the door is so large, you won’t need to close the flap even when it’s raining, as there’s no chance of water getting inside the tent.

Camp King’s storage options are out of this world. For one, you get six pockets inside the tent to store your shoes, gear, gadgets, and more. And the storage rails on top of the cover are perfect for storing extra camping gear or mounting a solar panel for your extended trips.

If you want even more from the RTT, the list of accessories goes on, though all will cost you extra. You can install a 12V power line to charge your gadgets, supply an LED strip, or an internal fan to keep the heat and humidity under control. Additional storage bags, awning brackets, mesh floor for the ladder, and more are available via the Camp King store if you decide to spruce up your RTT.


As you’ve gathered from our Camp King roof top tent review, this RTT isn’t for travelers looking to cut corners or save on camping gear. Instead, it’s for those who like their adventures with a side helping of creature comforts, be it a super-thick mattress or an extra-large awning. If you want to treat yourself, Camp King is the best you can get your hands on, and it’s worth the extra expense.